Friedland also provides document, hard drive and media shredding services at an extremely affordable price. We have both pick-up and delivered options, and our shredders meet HIPAA standards.


for material brought to us

Paper Documents: $5 total for 100 lbs or less. If you have over 100 lbs, we'll charge $2.50 per banker box or 13-gallon trash bag.

Hard Drives: $0.10 / lb. with a $10 minimum charge.

Media (CDs, DVDs, data tapes, etc.): $0.15 / lb. with a $15 minimum charge.

We set aside Wednesdays for the public to come and watch their documents get shredded. You don't need an appointment, just stop by sometime between 8am - 4pm! :) 


pick-up services

Please call us at (517) 482-3000 for a quote.